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Preserving working class Black history



Gregory Library – Not one employee has a credential in African American anything – check resumes.

Job posting for archivist at Gregory asks for “no experience” and requires no knowledge of African American history, this is proof that the library does not care about doing African American history: Archivist job listing September 2010

Hellena Stokes:   Administration manager of Gregory Library –  annual salary $65,148   Stokes resume

It’s important to note that Ms. Stokes does not have a credential or any kind of degree in African American history or African American Studies. This is a theme you can find throughout the staff and consultants employed by the African American library at the Gregory School. Furthermore Ms. Stokes has NO EXPERIENCE gathering archival collections. Usually in a for profit corporation, when the company does not know how to tackle a new business or project, they hire experts to advise them. But not the Houston Public Library system, they prefer to hire their unqualified buddies who have no experience in managing archives or generating community interest in their facility. All the evidence we’ve examined so far, some of which is posted on this website, shows that the Gregory is programmed to fail.

Picture of Hellena Stokes

Gregory library has a staff of nine with a total payroll of $437,405    Personnel

Danielle Burns is an administrative coordinator (although she likes to call herself a “curator,” which is a term for a museum, not an archive). See her resume Danielle A. Burns

FIRED (more info as it comes in) Nicolas Castellanos does oral histories and is a librarian I. See his resume  Nicolas Castellanos

Vince Lee is an archivist II. see his resume Vince Lee

Ingrid Grant is a senior library services specialist see her resume  Ingrid Grant

Rose Sonnier is a librarian II see her resume Rose Sonnier

Natasha R. Dunn is a senior library assistant see her resume Natasha R. Dunn


Houston Public Library system:

Dr. Rhea Lawson:   Director of Libraries  –  annual salary: $140,860 Lawson resume

Roosevelt Weeks:  Deputy Director of Library Administration  –  annual salary $118,138 Weeks resume

Meller Langford:  Deputy Director of Public Services –  annual salary: $115, 562   Langford resume


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